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Commissioner Evans Catalyst for Work Session Focused on State Highway 19/154 North

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Commissioner Precinct 4 Danny Evans is the catalyst for conversation between Hopkins County Commissioners and TxDOT regarding the dangers of driving State Highway 19/154 north of the city of Sulphur Springs. Evans told KSST News Wednesday that the number of accidents resulting in death seem to be increasing.

KSST has requested an accident report from January, 2011 to March 10th of this year regarding all types of accidents and results of such accidents on the stretch of the 19/154 highway between FM 1536 and FM 1537. Also, TxDOT officials will meet with county commissioners during a work session Tuesday, March 20th  at 10 a.m. at the courthouse.

Evans says those who have to wait to make a left hand turn along the roadway are must vulnerable to accident. He named two specific accidents in the past three months that resulted in death. Evans travels that roadway often as well due to his work and as a private citizen. He noted the speed limit and the repaired roadway’s contribution to higher speeds. When Evans came into office, State Highway 11W faced many of the same issues.

He noted that 11-West is being reworked, even though it is taking 10 years to complete. He notes the Highway 19/154 problems will take time to improve. Studies made, funds appropriated, and work done take time, according to Evans. However, he thinks the planning and development of the plan needs to begin now.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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