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*Updated* The Cartoon Maps Are Back

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by Chad Young

After a long discussion with the owner of Community Creations, Inc. from Ohio, a lot of information has been cleared up.   Joe Genco, President of the 30 year company who has delivered maps and montages to literally hundreds of different communities confirms that the current project going on in Sulphur Springs is in fact associated with his company.   He called KSST offices to confirm that Community Creations TX, LLC is a new branch of Community Creations, Inc (Ohio).   Mr. Genco also confirmed that the local salesperson, Stephen Kiriluk, has been a long tenured partner in the Ohio Company for many years and that both companies are continuing doing business forward into the future.   Upon further research and reflection, KSST is confident that the company has sold and delivered similar projects to our community in the past.   In fact, the newer “montage” seems to be much better quality than the previous “cartoon maps”.  Also, I spoke with Bradley Edge, current Chamber Chairman of the Board, who has spoken with some of the communities that have done business with the montage company recently.  “Everyone we spoke to has been happy with the results of these projects” stated Edge.   The turnaround time for the montage to be printed is 120 days from the closeout of the sales process, obviously giving the artists time to combine all of the business and information about our community into the montage.  The montages will then be available at different locations including our local Historical Society.


sample montage from Community Creations, Inc website

Author: Chad Young

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