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New ‘No Left Turn’ Sign Taken Out

A vehicle and its driver took exception to the newly installed No Left Turn Sign positioned at I-30 and Highway 19.  The south bound driver decided to turn left across traffic, mowing down the signpole.  This maneuver was possible months ago, but now the left turn signal is covered, and the left turn lane eliminated. The driver fled the scene. A picture of the damaged vehicle including the front licence plate was taken and submitted to SSPD.   An eye witness account was also submitted.  The witness also removed the metal post, sign and hardware from the road way.

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None of images or videos in this article show the driver or the vehicle.

The sign was replaced Monday January 9th, 2017

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This intersection was recently reworked to improve traffic flow.  And from that point of view it has worked.  However, drivers continue to disregard the lighted and unlighted signs directing traffic flow.  Heavy and light vehicles, local and interstate alike have difficulty obeying the new setup. Some feel old GPS maps may also contribute to the chaos.

Travelers should be ready for anything, and should never assume others will follow the rules.

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