El Vaquero in Sulphur Springs

I finally did it, I got some El Vaquero today.  It’s not that I was scared, but I was never sure how the process worked.  Do you park and walk up?  Do you order then wait for someone to bring it out?  Is there a place to go in and order?  Do they take credit cards? I didn’t want to look like an idiot…  Gentle readers, gather around the dim flicker of your screen and I will give you the details….

Here’s how it works.  Pull in and drive up to the window on the North side.  Order from your car.  I would go for the Vaquero Plate. Yes onions, yes cilantro.  Leave substitutions to a later visit, let the restaurant give you their spin on the food. Then make a wide circle depending on how nimble your vehicle is, and drive up to the windows on the South side. A few minutes later, and a credit card swipe on a tablet, I was on my way.

What can I say, the tacos were great.  I immediately wanted more. The meal was neatly wrapped, and included napkins and a sachet of sauce (which I tasted, but didn’t use because the food didn’t need it). Now that I have broken the ice so to speak, we will be back.


Author: KSST Webmaster

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