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Driving Challenges in Sulphur Springs

My family has a little quote we use when find a street in desperate need of attention.  “What? Are they testing missiles out here?” I have collected a few gems in my travels around Sulphur Springs, TX.  Granted, most of these streets do no bear huge amounts of traffic.  Usually you have to go out of your way to find these streets. Residents might actually enjoy the holes, missing signs and untrimmed brush; it might keep their street quieter.

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Aside from streets currently under construction, here is my list.  If have left out your favorite, feel free to send it to [email protected].

Shook St should have ‘Jeeps Only’ signs at each end.

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Bordering the City Cemetery, 7th St is always a challenge.

Maxwell St between Oak and Gilmer provides a cut to change directions on those one-way streets . Just drive slowly.

Jennings St between College and Jefferson (Business 67)

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