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Asphalt Scam Returns to Hopkins County Area

Every few years driveway asphalt scam artists pass through the area. Their story doesn’t change nor do the victims.  Stating they have asphalt left from a previous job just down the road, they promise to apply the remaining asphalt on the senior adult victim’s driveway at a greatly reduced price. However, as the job is completed, the scammers will tell the victim that they had to use more asphalt than they thought and the charge for the work is far larger than first quoted.

When the victim refuses to pay, the scammers become, as Sheriff Lewis Tatum told KSST, “…rather difficult to deal with…” Tatum said that should anyone be approached regarding work on a driveway and the resident did not call the company, refuse the offer and call the Sheriff’s office at 903-439-4040. The Sheriff also said that if the resident could get a description of the vehicle and license plate number of the one making the offer that would also be a great help.

The most recent attempts to carry out this scam occurred along FM 71 in northern Hopkins County.

Author: Staff Reporter

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