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4-H Food Challenge Practice Run

The 4-H Food Challenge competition is coming up this spring, and Johanna Hicks want’s 4-H’ers to be ready. In order to prepare, participants were given a few hints, a bunch of ingredients, and instructed to make something delicious.  There was plenty of guidance, and the crowd also go involved.  Food safety was also discussed and practiced.  A brief presentation about the creations ingredients, and nutritional values was also given.

I learned that avocados can go in smoothies, and almond slivers are a nice crunchy addition to chicken salad wraps. I also learned that lettuce wraps are not to be feared.  Everyone got to sample the finished dishes, and I had seconds.

Johanna said that teams in competition usually have matching aprons, and really put on a show.

Author: KSST Webmaster

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