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SSISD Board Conducted December Meeting Monday

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SSISD AdminDuring Monday’s noon meeting of the Sulphur Springs School Board, members reported that all either met or exceeded training requirements for board member training credit hours. Also during the noon meeting before Christmas break for the school district, they noted the Comprehensive Annual Report on Investment Activity and heard District auditors, Rutherford, Taylor, and Company, announce the district received the best opinion of “unmodified” for their Annual Financial and Compliance Report.

The board approved the high school campus improvement plan for 2016-17, a six-year plan to upgrade district security cameras, and the over-spraying of the Middle School track. Settlement, as presented by a mediator, for the Middle School moisture issues was also approved.



Cris Hughes                                        Grade 3  Teacher                                SS Elementary

Darla Reed                                          SpEd Teacher                                     SS Elementary

Lindsay Goff                                       Grade 5 Teacher                                Douglas


New personnel

Mary Taylor                                        Office Clerk                                        ECLC

Amanda Woods                                  LVN                                                     Bowie/Travis

Chelsea Jordan                                   SpEd Aide                                           SS Elementary

Amy Voss                                           SpEd Aide                                           SS Elementary

Mystie Wilson                                      Title I Aide                                           SS Elementary


Personnel Change                            New position/campus                      Former position/campus

Stephanie Cowden                             SpEd Aide/Connections                      SpEd Aide/SS Elementary

Maria Martinez                                    Grade 5 Teacher/Douglas                  Title I Aide/Douglas

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Author: Staff Reporter

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