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Children’s Museum Sets Annual Children’s Health and Safety Fair

Where can children walk through an eight-foot tall lung? Where can they see the effect of exercise on their oxygen level and pulse rate? When children wash their hands, are they really clean? These questions highlight the activities to be held at the Children’s Health and Safety Fair at the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum on January 14 from 9:30 to 11:30. The event will include free admission.

Children may take a walk through the MegaLung at the Children’s Health Fair on Saturday, January 16 from 9:30 to 11:30. The MegaLung is the only one in the state of Texas and was received by the Children’s Museum as part of the Tobacco Grant from Hunt Regional Hospital Foundtion.

Hands-on activities will highlight children’s health. For example, after exercise children will compare their oxygen level and pulse rate to their resting levels using oximeters. Lonnie, the Museum’s MegaLung, will provide children an opportunity to walk through an eight-foot tall lung. With Glo-Gel children can see the cleanliness of their hands before and after washing.  Children’s safety will be emphasized as a children’s ID card with picture and fingerprints will be provided by the Commerce Police Department. Lamar County Texas Department of Transportation will participate by providing information on child safety seating. This is important because according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 3 out of 4 child safety seats are not used correctly which increases the risk of death in a vehicle crash. And, of course, the Children’s Museum will be open for play and exploration of more than fifty different play areas.

“This is our second year to offer this event,” said Sharline Freeman Director of the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum. “This year we have added “safety” to our event. TX Dot from Lamar County will be one of our new participants. What could be more important than the health and safety of children? We are excited to be offering such a beneficial event for children and their parents.” In addition to health activities set up in the Children’s Museum and the play areas which will be open, children will receive a Children’s Activity Book. This book will be given to children who participate in the Children’s Health Fair and then will be distributed throughout Hunt County.

“We appreciate the sponsors for the event and for the Children’s Activity Book. Hunt

Regional Healthcare has played a large role in this event. Other sponsors include Commerce Veterinary Clinic, Live Oak Professional Center, Primary Care Associates, Atmos Energy, and Community Health Service Agency, Inc. We appreciate these groups for making the Children’s Health Fair possible,” said Elana Barton, Director of Development for the Children’s Museum.

“We hope this event will impact the area as we emphasize the health of our children,” said Donna Tavener, Board President. For more information, call the Northeast Texas Children’s Museum at 903-886-6055.

Author: Staff Reporter

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