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2016 Hopkins County Livestock and Forage By Mario Villarino

Relevance: Beef and Dairy Production is a 2.96 billion dollar industry in the East Region of Texas. The most common beef producer in the region is a cow/calf producer with less than 100 head. County-based Program Area Committees (PAC) firmly establish the need for educational programs targeted for beef and dairy producers enabling them to increase knowledge as well as adopt best management practices and new technologies improving product quality and producer sustainability. A pre-conditioning sale of stocker cattle (NETBIO) has proven to be a successful marketing tool with more than 400,000 head process since its conception. This program will cooperate with NETBIO committee and subcommittees to resolve educational issues related to the success of the beef industry in Hopkins County. This plan has the intent to provide educational experiences to more than 250 private pesticide applicators, 60 dairy farmers and more than 350 beef producers. Marketing of the activities included in this plan will be conducted by press releases, flyers and personal communications. Technology based educational events will be incorporated seamlessly into already planned educational activities.


To address the educational needs established by the Beef Program Area Committee, this plan conducted the following activities:

  1. 7 PAC planning meetings (Monthly from April 2016-October 2016).
  2. 4 Newsletters for private applicators and beef producers (650 mailings)(quarterly).
  3. 3 New Private Applicators Trainings (February, July and October 2016) (technology based).
  4. 6 Press releases related to beef science (15,000 reached on each one)(News Telegram newspaper).
  5. 4 NETBIO Board meetings.
  6. Beef Quality Assurance Training (June 22, 2016) (65 participants).
  7. Result demonstration of use of bio-solid type A in hay meadows (Knight, cooperator).
  8. Result demonstration in evaluation of mosquitoes present in Hopkins County (Dr. Swiger, PI).
  9. Hay Clinic in collaboration with Holt (60 attending)
  10. Cattlemen’s Classic and Ribeye Cook-off (850 attendance)(October 7, 2016).
  11. Private Applicator CEU’s (November 2, 2016)(80 attending).
  12. In depth plan summary, interpretation to volunteers (Nov 10, 2016) and Commissioner’s Court (Nov 28, 2016).


  • 77% (52/67) Private Applicators will take actions and make changes because of what they learned during the training. (2016 Private Applicators CEU).
  • 89% (60/67) will benefit economically as a direct result of the training (2016 Private Applicators CEU).
  • Attendees consider extremely and quite valuable (89%) the information provided by Extension in educational programs (2016 Private Applicators CEU).
  • 77% Rated the program as excellent (Beef Quality Assurance Training)(65 participants).
  • 71% will benefit economically as a direct result of the training (Beef Quality Assurance Training) ($1-$20 per head).

Future Implications: Pesticide private applicators have a vested interest in beef educational topics. The committee strongly suggested continuing educational opportunities in beef management and pasture management in separated sessions.


Mario Villarino DVM, Ph.D.
Hopkins County Extension Agent for Ag and NR
1200B Houston Street
Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

Author: Staff Reporter

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