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WannaGoFast Prepares for the Weekend

The Cadillac Racing folks were at work early Friday morning unloading high performance cars in preparation for the WannaGoFast weekend at the Sulphur Springs Airport.  The gates open for spectators at 9AM Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The event is limited to 150 cars each day, but cars that are entered are allowed to run multiple times.  Although it is side by side racing, the cars compete against the clock and the radar gun to achieve the highest speed in the 1/2 mile shootout.  Many cars break the 200mph barrier, with the top car achieving 238.6 mph last year.   The event will host cars from all over the world, and not only American muscle cars will be represented, but exotic cars from all over the globe, some with price tags approaching $1 million.  A spectator day pass is $20 each day, payable at the gate, or you can purchase a 2-day pass for $35.  Kids, 12 and under, only pay $10 each day.


Author: Chad Young

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