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Major Intersection Change At I-30 And Hwy 19 Overpass

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by Allison Bledsoe


Major changes have taken place within the last 48 hours at the State Highway 19 and I-30 intersection. From what was originally two stoplights at each end of the over pass, has emerged a “clover leaf-like” interchange. At this point in the process, the road has been re-striped into a total of four lanes where the outside lanes in each direction connect to the service road, eliminating the need for turn lanes that cross traffic. The former stop lights currently function as yellow flashing lights and will later be removed.¬†Understandably, the change has caused much confusion to local and non-local drivers alike. Semi-truck drivers seeking access to I-30 West from Pilot solved the issue by using the parking lot of Hillcrest Dr¬†office buildings as a turn-around. Traffic cones were later placed in these drive ways.

Author: Staff Reporter

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