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Sewing, Hay Bale Stacking, and Chicken Cutting: Cover Girl Thursday Night Competition


Thursday night concluded the second, and final, night of challenges for four Hopkins County girls competing for the Cover Girl title. The girls competed in three events; sewing, hay bale stacking, and chicken cutting. The night started out with current Cover Girl, Aleigh Bessonett, showing the girls the ropes to hay bale stacking. The square bales had to be carried from one end of the area to the other and stacked in an “I” or “H” shape. Two of the girls got creative and found a way to carry two at a time, improving their score. Aleigh Bessonett then randomly chose the pattern that the girls would sew and showed them how it’s done. In the final event, the girls had to cut up a chicken and name the parts they cut. All the poor chickens got nicknames and the girls had a blast!

Author: Staff Reporter

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