PJC Presents November 8th Proposition in Town Hall Meeting–slideshow & story

by Allison Bledsoe


On Monday night Dr. Pam Anglin, President of Paris Junior College, held an informative, town hall style meeting in the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center. In the General Election on November 8th, Hopkins County voters will decide whether they will join the taxing district of Paris Junior College. Joining the district would give a tuition break to area students.

Dr. Pam Anglin highlighted that Paris Junior College has a current taxing district of 44 square miles while it serves over 3,000 square miles and 5 counties in the East Texas area. To ensure longevity and long term stability of the college, a proposed property tax is in question. Several local and non-local people attended the town hall meeting in Sulphur Springs. Several questions were asked included inquiries about the $10,000 tax break for persons 65 years and older. Many questioned whether senior adults should be included at all, or whether the tax break was enough, and then some simply wanted to know if the meeting was strategically placed at meal time for a reason. President Anglin explained through out the duration of the meeting that the tax ensures a long term future for the college and is in the best interest of Hopkins County residents. The full video on Dr. Anglins video and meeting is available here.

Author: Staff Reporter

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