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Creative Art Contest Results And More By Johanna Hicks

Creative Arts Contest Results

The 2016 Hopkins County Fall Festival has come and gone until next year, and we could not have asked for better weather!  Sun shine and a gentle breeze greeted fair-goers.  Two of the highlights each year are the Arts & Crafts Show (by the way, I purchased some absolutely fabulous items handcrafted items!), and the Creative Arts Contest.  Hopkins County residents showcased their talents in the Creative Arts Contest, and many people visited the exhibit during public viewing times.

There were 247 total entries in the 2016 contest.  The categories with the most entries were photography and food preservation.  The youth division had the most overall entries.  Below are the results of the contest:


  • Children (ages 10 & under)

–          Art: Ezekiel Deterding – B;  Katelyn Alexander – RB

–          Bake Show: Kandise Ross – B; Lena Reyes – RB

–          Food Preservation: Kaitlyn Myers – B

–          Handiwork: Katelyn Alexander – B

–          Holiday/Seasonal: Ezekiel Deterding – B

–          Photography: Lena Reyes – B; Christian Ebel – RB

–          Woodworking: Lena Reyes – B


  • Youth (ages 11-19)

–          Art: Savannah Deterding – B;  Esparanza Deterding – RB

–          Bake Show: Katelyn Allen & Hailey Halbert – B

–          Clothing: Jorja Bessonett – B

–          Creative Crafts: Kasin Wimberly – B; Wesley McDonald – RB

–          Decorated Cakes: Kaylon Hume & Harrison Fite – B; Hailey Fouse & Samantha Ryman – RB

–          Food Preservation: Marissa Greenway – B

–          Handiwork: Aleigh Bessonett – B; Jorja Bessonett – RB

–          Horticulture: Marissa Greenway – B

–          Photography: Savannah Allen- B; Maurie Flecker – RB

–          Woodworking: Tate Myers – B; Wesley McDonald – RB


  • Adult (ages 20-69)

–          Art: Gerri Miller – B

–          Bake Show: Sheila Funderburk – B; Donnie Faltesek – RB

–          Clothing: Kathy Kirkpatrick – B

–          Food Preservation: Audrey Greenway – B; Jo Alice McCue – RB

–          Handiwork: Joann Brennan – B; Karen Chapman – RB

–          Holiday/Seasonal: Joann Brennan – B

–          Horticulture: Linda Phillips – B; Audrey Greenway – RB

–          Photography: Kim Beck – B; Kim Beck – RB (different class)

–          Quilts: Kathy Kirkpatrick – B

–          Woodworking: John London – B


  • Older Texans (ages 70 & above)

–          Bake Show: Hillis Bass – B; Bobbie Carpenter – RB

–          Creative Crafts: David Dougan – B; Patricia Dorner – RB

–          Food Preservation: Bobbie Carpenter – B; Bobbie Carpenter – RB (different class)

–          Handiwork: Bobbie Carpenter – B; Bobbie Carpenter – RB (different class)

–          Holiday/Seasonal: Patsy Bowman – B

–          Horticulture: Sheri Walters – B; Patricia Dorner – RB

–          Photography: Sheri Walters – B

–          Quilts: Hillis Bass – B

–          Woodworking: Charles Husbands – B; James Morgan – RB



  • Nursing Home/Assisted Living

–          Eldys Batchelor – B; John Hadley – RB


Congratulations to everyone who took the time to prepare and enter items!


EarthKind Living Expo

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is proud to bring this conference to East Texas, and for those who live in and near Hopkins County, we are fortunate to have the Expo right here in Sulphur Springs!  The November 18th event will begin with registration at 8 a.m. , with the general sessions at 8:30 a.m. in Spence Chapel of First Baptist Church.  The conference will introduce consumers, producers, homeowners, and volunteers to university research-proven techniques for quality living, environmental stewardship and overall well-being.  Experts will share information on agricultural production, land stewardship, health and wellness, and Earth-Kind friendly homes.

The lineup of speakers is very knowledgeable about this land stewardship effort, according to Larry Pierce, AgriLife Extension regional program leader. “You have experts in the various fields — and somebody like Gary Price, who is a rancher, can provide a really good perspective about how Earth-Kind methods can improve production and the overall quality of a working ranch operation.”  Dr. Jenna Anding, Professor and Extension Nutrition Specialist, is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and will provide great insight on her topics.

Speakers for the general session include:

  • Dr. Ron Gill, AgriLife Extension livestock specialist, Dr. Susan Ballabina, AgriLife Extension executive associate director, College Station – Research-based Truth in Agricultural Production, Land Stewardship,

Health and Wellness.

  • Gary Price, owner 77 Ranch, Blooming Grove – Environmental Stewardship, Managing for the Next Generation.
  • Dr. Jenna Anding, AgriLife Extension associate department head, department of nutrition and food science, College Station – Food Waste

Concurrent sessions will include:

  • Clint Perkins, AgriLife Extension agent, Wood County – Earth-Kind Pasture Management
  • Tim Hartmann, Earth-Kind program specialist, College Station – Vegetables and Herbs
  • Dr. Steve George, AgriLife Extension horticulturist, Dallas – Earth-Kind Landscapes
  • Jheri-Lynn McSwain, AgriLife Extension agent, Shelby County – Earth-Kind Kitchen and Denita Young, AgriLife Extension agent, Rains County – Kitchen Composting, Pantry Pests, Vermiculture
  • Janet Rowe, Master Gardener, Rockwall – Earth-Kind Beekeeping
  • Mandy Patrick, AgriLife Extension agent, Houston County – Earth-Kind Home Air Quality/Energy Efficiency/Water

In addition to the speakers and sessions, exhibitors will be on hand to display their related products and information.

The sessions will be followed by a panel discussion and question and answer session.  There is truly something for everyone, and registration is now open.  Cost is $25 if attendees preregister by Nov. 10 and $35 the day of the event.  Lunch is provided in the fee.  For more information and to register, go to  If you need assistance in registering, contact the Hopkins County Extension Office, and we’ll be glad to help!  I serve as one of the team members for the planning of this conference, and we are looking forward to a great response!


Closing Thought

If we have as much sense as geese, we will stand by each other in difficult times, as well as when we are strong.  Geese flying in formation ‘honk’ to encourage those up front to keep up with their speed. – author unknown

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Johanna Hicks
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