Similar Equipment Raises Questions for Commissioner

Although it looked like County equipment was being used in building a shooting range and building a new driveway at the home of a county commissioner while the county road where the commissioner lives is being upgraded for the first time in 20 years, Beth Wisenbaker, Commissioner Precinct 1 says she and her husband, County Republican Chair Donnie Wisenbaker are paying for the work performing at the residence by a private contractor from personal funds.

John McClain, who is doing the work, owns and operates equipment that not only looks similar to county equipment, it is the same make and model as the equipment used by the county in that precinct. A county resident taking pictures of the work was approached by McClain, who explained the circumstances. However, McClain was not convinced he had convinced the resident of the particulars of the situation.

Wisenbaker wants to assure residents in the county and especially in her precinct that she will not use county equipment or personnel for personal work.

Author: Staff Reporter

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