Wildcats Prepare for Sherman at Prim Stadium Friday

If Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens had an anxiety closet, what would he find lurking there? One thing would be the loss of a second scrimmage to get ready for the season opener, coming up Friday at Prim Stadium. The Wildcats lost a scrimmage and a week of practice because they participated in spring football in May. Then there are the details that a head coach faces getting ready for the first home game. Another worrisome item might be trying to get ready for the team that you don’t have much info on. Sherman hired a new coach, J.D. Martinez, in February and he brought in an entirely new staff. The only video the Wildcats have of the Martinez-led Bearcats is a scrimmage last Friday at Kennedale. In typical spy versus spy fashion, the Sherman players seemed to wear strange numbers, ones that don’t match their official roster or they wore no numbers at all. Then there is the elephant in the room, or the closet. The trip to Orlando, next week. Coach Owens said he spent two hours on the phone Tuesday on details involving the trip. That’s a large distraction during week one.

Coach Owens does know some things about the Bearcats based on scrimmage observations and video review. He said they have a good offensive line. Some of those linemen also play in a defensive line that is considered the strength of the Sherman defense. Coach Owens is hoping the Wildcats are able to wear down the two-way linemen using an uptempo approach. Coach Owens was also impressed with the Sherman running back and their seasoned quarterback. QB David Bedgood is a senior who the Wildcats have seen for the past three seasons. His running was hurting the Wildcats last year until he was injured. Coach Owens was also impressed with the Bearcats’ safeties on defense. He’s more than ready for some football. Perhaps it will keep him from dwelling on those things in the anxiety closet.

Friday’s game, like all Wildcat football this season, can be heard on KSST 1230 AM and ksstradio.com stream. A replay of each game can be seen on Suddenlink Cable Channel 18 the following Sunday night at 8 p.m. and Tuesday night at 7 p.m. as well as at other times during the week.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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