Wildcats vs Liberty-Eylau Scrimmage Planned for 9 a.m. Friday at Prim Stadium Unless…

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young will be watching for a couple of things especially during Friday morning’s 9 a.m. scrimmage against Liberty-Eylau. It’s planned right now for Gerald Prim Stadium unless we get a lot of bad weather according to Wildcats Head Football Greg Owens. Coach Young says he’ll be checking to see if the offensive line is physical. He says that’s been a goal since weight lifting sessions last January. That should allow the Wildcats to be able to run the football. Coach Young says he’s also interested in how his receivers catch the ball under pressure from Liberty-Eylau’s defensive backs. Coach Young says he wants to see mental errors disappear.

Wildcats Defensive Coodinator Triston Abron will be watching to see how well his defense executes the defensive scheme. He says the days of shut down defense are gone. Coach Abron says his approach is too make an offense work very hard to get their scores. He wants his defense to create havoc, limit an offense from scoring, get off the field after third down plays and collect turnovers. Coach Abron feels this year’s defense may be one of the most athletic the Wildcats have had for several seasons.

Liberty-Eylau played in the Class 4A State semifinal game last year and both coordinators agree they will provide a stern test for the Wildcats Friday. Both coordinators are also happy to be playing someone else for a change.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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