Wildcats L-E Scrimmage Moved to Prim Stadium; Defense Ready for Contact

Good news for Wildcats’ football fans. The lone scrimmage for the Wildcats against Liberty-Eylau scheduled for Friday, August 19, has been moved from Texarkana to Sulphur Springs. Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens announced the change Thursday afternoon. He said the Leopards are getting new turf on their field and it won’t be ready in time for the scrimmage. The August 19 scrimmage will now be at Gerald Prim Stadium. Coach Owens is expected to announce the official start time and details of the scrimmage later but he indicated it would probably start next Friday at around 9.a.m. or 10 a.m. This scrimmage will be the only one for the Wildcats before they start the regular season. They lost a week of August practice and one scrimmage due to having spring football in May.

Wildcats Defense

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron had one thought on his mind as the fourth Wildcat football practice was wrapping up Thursday night. Friday is the first day the Wildcats can put on pads and pads mean contact. A scrimmage is planned for 7 p.m. Friday. Coach Abron called Friday’s practice the first game of the year as he added that the Wildcats would be able to pop one another. Concerning where the Wildcats’ defense is right now, Coach Abron said the emphasis now is on polishing the scheme.

He said pretty much everything the Wildcats would be doing this year is already in. Coach Abron said the kids have done a good job learning it and now they have the chance to get really good at it. He has several players in new positions this year still he said the defense has the ability to be pretty good. Coach Abron called them athletic.

He said team leaders on defense are emerging. He named senior inside linebacker Easton Silman, who played mostly offense last year. Coach Abron called junior cornerback Tiesan Goodson an emotional leader for the defense. He said he expected big things from junior cornerback Terrell Turman. Coach Abron said he has been impressed by sophomore D. Q. Pitts. He also mentioned Tyreese Williams, Dee Dugan, Jaxon Reneau, Mason Cleveland and Daniel Moreno. Coach Abron also likes Lawrence Worth on defense but Wildcats offense coaches also like the junior.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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