Latson’s Going Green By Putting In Solar Panels

Latson's Solar Panels

Last Thursday, Latson’s Office Solutions Inc. received 30 solar panels. Mike Horne, owner of Latson’s explained that getting solar panels “made sense financially” as the payback ended up being 4 and 1/2 years for a solar panel that would last from 20-30 years. Latson’s qualified for a USDA grant that paid for 25% of the cost, and they also received a 30% tax credit. Horne elaborated on how the company uses lots of heat in the winter and the new solar panels should help keep the electricity bills lower. “I personally wanted to do it.” Horne smiled, probably thinking about the good he was accomplishing in the world, when he added; “I would love for a recycling movement. I used to take my plastic bottles to Brookshire’s.”

KSST spoke to James Showalter, an associate of Shannon Pickering, owner of Southern Solar Solutions. Showalter commented on the specifics of the system. “This is a 13.1 kilowatt system…Latson's Solar Panels Battery BoxThe battery banks hold a 20 year lifespan, and are more reliable for [operating generators] in the event of a storm or power outage…Lots of people ask about hailstorms. The glass on solar panels is backed by a material Latson's Solar Panels Tedlar Undersidecalled Tedlar, and it is virtually impossible to break. It is stronger than the windshield on your car…[People don’t know that] the technology is there [and available for use].”

Overall solar energy seems to be at an all time high in renewable energy. The cost savings is phenomenal. Before solar panels people pay “20-35 cents a kilowatt” now they can pay less than “1 cent a kilowatt”.  For more information on how to install solar panels at your home or business contact:

James and John Showalter at 903-441-2090  or  Shannon Pickering at 903-439-8436.



Author: Savannah Everett

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