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Ways To Keep Your Poultry Cool All Summer!

Summer time is here and it’s getting insanely hot outside. It’s time to start thinking about your little two-legged friends.chickens
Starting off there is many ways you can tell that your Poultry is getting to hot. For Example: Walking around with their beaks wide open, eating little amounts of food, slow egg production, and laying on the ground with their wings spread out. Try to prevent these ways from happening using the following tips on how to keep your poultry cool all summer long.

The easiest thing to do for starters would be to spread out many different water sources around the yard/house to make sure they have as many opportunities to get water when needed. Also adding ice cubes wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Once you have provided many water sources you can also feed them frozen foods such as, watermelon, bananas, strawberries, grapes etc. But be sure that before or after freezing to smash-up the fruits where the chickens won’t have a hard time eating it. Be sure that your poultry have some place that they can get out of the heat any time they please.

If the previous tips are not working for you then you can try getting a misting attachment for your water hose. If the misting attachment doesn’t work out for you, try getting a baby pool and fill it up 1/4 of the way with water. This gives them the opportunity for a drink and to hop in and get their legs cooled off. Make sure that the water isn’t to deep. Just a few inches is plenty for them.

There is many ways to help cool down your feathered friends, hopefully these tips will help.


Author: Staff Reporter

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