Methamphetamine Snack Halted by Arrest

Philip Joseph Gibson, 36, of Sulphur Springs, was arrested following a traffic stop for speeding. Gibson’s continual clenching of his jaw muscles caused the arresting officer to detect that Gibson was nervous. The officer patted down Gibson for weapons and felt something in his front shirt pocket. When asked about the object, Gibson said he had nothing in his pocket. As the officer started to handcuff Gibson, he stepped back and, taking a baggie from his pocket, placed it in his mouth and began chewing. The officer tased Gibson, who grabbed the leads and “…ripped the probes from his body…” according to the report.


Gibson began to evade arrest on foot. The officer gave chase and tased Gibson again. This time, Gibson was subdued and placed in custody in the patrol car. The officer then returned to the ditch where Gibson had been subdued and found there the baggie that had been spit from Gibson’s mouth. The baggie contained less than 1-gram of a crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine.

The dogs that were in Gibson’s auto were taken to the Sulphur Springs Animal Shelter. Gibson is in Hopkins County Jail charged with possession of a controlled substance, penalty group 1, less than 1-gram and Tamper/Fabricate Physical Evidence with intent to impair. He is held on a total of $15,000 bond.

Author: Staff Reporter

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