Freshmen Band Day


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Friday was a special day for freshmen who will be a part of this school year’s Wildcats Marching Band. Band Director Charles McCauley expects the ninth graders to total about 40 this year. McCauley says by the end of the day Friday, he hopes the freshmen will feel like the band is a place where they belong. He says he wants them to feel they have a new family at the high school. To help make the freshmen more comfortable, the band sections leadership team was on hand. McCauley says he wants the ninth graders to enjoy themselves despite the hard work required. McCauley says the Friday session will cover a lot of ground including the band hand book, rules and fundamentals. McCauley says the band has 22 fundamentals and he hopes they get through at least ten by the end of the day. He says he wants the ninth graders to have pride in being a band member. McCauley says the band is all about FEETDIPP or fun, excellence, excitement, togetherness, discipline, intensity, pride and potential. He says the session is designed to give the freshmen confidence as they join the full band for their first practice Monday.

Author: Staff Reporter

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