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Can You Fly from DFW to Madrid, Spain for Just $1???

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Well the answer is mostly No, but now that I have your attention, it is a good time to explain the way airlines calculate their fares in conjunction with all of the extra taxes and fees.  I actually found a flight from DFW to Madrid on American Airlines leaving August 24th and returning September 1st and the BASE fare was only 50 cents each way?!?!?  As you can see below, after the total fare calculation (with taxes and fees) the total round trip ticket comes to $594 which is unbelievably cheap!!  The reason I bring the 50 cent fare up, is this is absolutely the cheapest this flight could be with all of the other taxes and fees.  Of course, American Airlines could always lower their biggest fee (the YR surcharge) which is their fuel surcharge, but I don’t foresee jet fuel going down any time soon.  We have booked many tickets lately that our “base fare” was cheaper than all of the other fees.   American is having a fare war right now on some European destinations and offering the 50 cent base fare on many flights for late August and part of September.  Since all of the other taxes and fees will never go down, these are the absolute cheapest fares you will see.

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Fare for 1 adult
Fare 1: Carrier AA OKX4D1T1 DFW to MAD (rules)
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code O
Covers DFW-PHL (Economy), PHL-MAD (Economy)
Fare 2: Carrier AA OKX4D1T1 MAD to DFW (rules)
Passenger type ADT, round trip fare, booking code O
Covers MAD-DFW (Economy)
AA YR surcharge (YR)
US International Departure Tax (US)
US September 11th Security Fee (AY)
US Passenger Facility Charge (XF)
Spain Aviation Safety And Security Fee (OG)
Spain Departure Charge (JD)
US Immigration Fee (XY)
US Customs Fee (YC)
Spain Security Tax (QV)
US International Arrival Tax (US)
Subtotal per passenger
Number of passengers
Subtotal For 1 adult
  • This ticket is non-refundable.
  • Changes to this ticket will incur a penalty fee.
Fare Construction (can be useful to travel agents)
DFW AA X/PHL AA MAD M 0.50OKX4D1T1 AA DFW M 0.50OKX4D1T1 NUC 1.00 END ROE 1.00 XT 5.50YC 7.00XY 3.96XA 35.60US 5.60AY 25.10JD 0.70OG 4.10QV 496.00YR 9.00XF DFW4.50 PHL4.50
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Author: Chad Young

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