Water Bill Pay Kiosk Provides a Better Way to Pay

Sulphur Springs Water Department Kiosk is proving a better way for residents to pay their monthly bill.  When remodeling the Water Department they closed off the drive through which had to be called for the new Kiosk. Cash and cards accepted at kiosk, checks accepted in drop box. It has been open since January 25th and is successful. An estimated 100 people use it per month.

Kathie Steel of the Water Department quoted, “The Kiosk is pretty successful but online pay seems to be more convenient for people, and the only complaints about the kiosk is that it doesn’t give out change so be sure that you pay with exact change.” Kathie also says “My daughter uses the Kiosk and she prefers using it because it takes cards and that’s very convenient.” “There is many Kiosks around but we are the only ones that have the outdoor Kiosk.”said Kathie. Also what’s really convenient if you don’t have your bill at the Kiosk, you can look up your bill by address.

water bill kiosk

Author: Staff Reporter

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