Twenty-Three Unlocked Vehicles Vandalized Over Weekend

“Help me help you” a quote by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry McGuire is the request of Sulphur Springs Police Chief Jay Sanders. Over the weekend 23 unlocked auto doors were opened and theft of property occurred according to Sanders. He is asking Sulphur Springs citizens to lock their car doors at night.

The thefts are occurring at night and over the weekend the area bounded by Carter, Jefferson, and I-30 saw the most activity. Sanders said that one auto whose door was opened had an in-the-box new Glock AR sitting in the front seat that was not taken. He says those breaking into the unlocked autos are only taking loose change, cell phones, and other small value items. Locked autos are not being molested.

Sanders says that if people will just lock the doors to their autos it will limit the thefts. He said that perhaps one of the individuals involved in the burglaries was involved in a late night incident this week. A resident reported a man entering his backyard and the enclosed porch area of his home and banging on his back door. It seems the man had entered the backyard while seeing a vehicle approach and immediately came into contact with the resident’s dog. The dog pursued the man and he made his way to the door where he was seeking relief from the dog tearing at his legs.


Author: Staff Reporter

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