The Healing Power Of Crystals!

Crystal Healing is known as an alternative medicinal technique that is composed of stones and crystals. Before modern medicine, many people thought that crystals had a magical healing power that would cure a persons sickness and even to this day people still use these techniques. crystalhealing

The method is that a doctor places various colored crystal stones (colors depending on the patients symptoms and/or feelings) on the patients body in an attempt to construct an energy grid, which is supposed to surround the patient with healing energy. Healing crystals remain popular at health spas and at some Therapeutic health clinics.

There happens to be a large variety of stones used for each type of symptom for the healing process.healing stones

The Types of stones for mental feelings include:

  • Agate (Strength)
  • Carnelian (Recycle old Feelings)
  • Fluorite (Wisdom)
  • Hematite (Negativities)
  • Smoky Quartz (Fertility)
  • Pink Tourmaline (Love)
  • Rose Quartz (Inner Peace)

Types of Health Stones Include:

  • Clear Quarts (Crown),
  • Amethyst (Third Eye)
  • Sodalite (Throat)
  •  Citrine (Solar Plexus)
  • Carnelian (sacral)
  • Hematite (root)

A few years ago a young lady named Jannett heard of these magical crystals, she didn’t believe that these crystals actually worked. She made an appointment with a psychic who majored in the healing crystals. They met up with each other and talked crystals. The psychic talked many things regarding the healing process and the vibrations the stone gives when in contact with skin and other stones. When she gave Jannett two crystals she could automatically feel the vibrations of the stones. Jannett was so shocked about the vibrations, so she thought she would buy some to take home and try out for her bad back. After getting home from the Psychic Jannett immediately began to place the crystals on her back in a circular pattern. She felt instant relief and started using the crystals everyday.

I have done lots of research on this crystal healing concept and I don’t see how it would be possible for a stone to heal someone emotionally or physically. Many different people have many different beliefs to whether these crystals and stones actually work. But I don’t see how this is remotely possible. This could also be a myth that was created by someone centuries ago. Which explains why scientists have not yet proven that this theory really works. Maybe someday the minds of pure genius will conquer these confusions.



Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern





Author: Staff Reporter

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