Sulphur Springs Summer Learning Conference for Teachers




A Summer Learning Conference is being held for SSISD teachers Wednesday, June 8th through Friday, June 10th at Sulphur Springs Middle School. During the conference teachers will learn new skills taught by SSISD staff or students. The main focus, or theme, of the conference is how to use technology in the classrooms. Integrating technology into class has been a huge step for most schools. Technology is perceived to be what students are interested in, therefore teachers and administrators have begun to adapt to a new way of teaching. One of the specific technology classes being provided is on Microsoft OneNote. OneNote is a Microsoft program that allows students to take notes, receive assignments, etc all in one program. Then, that program can be accessed from home or another class. OneNote can be downloaded as an application or accessed on the web. Teachers were also educated in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Minecraft, and The Fundamental 5. Other subjects that weren’t technology related were taught, such as Signposts for Reading Nonfiction.

200 teachers were expected to participate in the district wide conference in 115 different subjects. This is the first year for the Summer Learning Conference. It fulfills the some of the requirements for continuing professional education hours, providing a much more convenient way to acquire those credits for local teachers. In the past, teachers would have to travel to Dallas, Houston, or even further to complete those required hours.


Author: Staff Reporter

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