SSISD Board Says “Good-Bye”; Steps toward the Future


When the Sulphur Springs School Board met Monday night, it was a time to say “good-bye” and a time to look to the future. Randy Reed was honored for his years of service in administration and the board heard reports regarding a teacher training experience being offered locally that could be expanded to include regional schools in the local summer training.

It was Reed’s last school board meeting. The Assistant Superintendent’s long career in education comes to a close in mid-month. However, in this final meeting with the board, Reed was honored by Superintendent Michael Lamb who introduced Reed’s grandchildren to lead the pledges to the United States and Texas flags. He also allowed the two to tell why they were glad their “Dandy” was retiring. Lamb also stated that the last four years had afforded an opportunity to learn much from Reed regarding the education system locally.

Reed stated “I enjoyed the relationships with board members and teachers.” He stated that he had “…missed the kids when he moved to administration.” He said administration is about relationships and he had enjoyed working with a quality board. This year’s board includes some who knew Reed as coach while in their own school experience. Don Sapaugh told Reed, “You handled a lot of difficult situations that people do not know about and you handled those things so well.”

Lisa Robinson provided information to the board regarding the Sulphur Springs Summer Learning Conference being held at the Sulphur Springs Middle School Wednesday through Friday of this week (June 8-10). Robinson stated that the conference focuses on teachers sharing with teachers and will serve to provide up to 12 hours of required training time. Over 200 teachers are attending the 115 sessions that are being provided. The conference is open only to local teachers but the district hopes to open the training to other school districts next year.

Don Roundtree gave an update on Civic Center auditorium renovation project.  The first event to be held in the auditorium will be the Dairy Festival pageant on Saturday, June 18th. Roundtree stated that the previous week had provided several challenges due to weather but that workers had accomplished all but the final coat on the stage floor, had tuned the audio-visual system, and completed the carpet on the auditorium floor and the rubber floor on the accessibility ramps. Roundtree reported that Broadcast Works will operate the sound board for the Dairy Festival Pageant as a training for local workers.

Doug Whitt, SAMCO Capital Markets, Inc. reviewed the plan of finance and schedule of events for the sale and issuance of maintenance tax notes. Whitt told the board that interest rates are at an extreme low. He pointed out that maintenance tax notes of over $7.5 million could be paid off in 10 to 20 years. Interest rate is expected to be 2.75%. The local school district has an A-1 bond rating on Moody’s. On July 11th, the board will take bids for bonds and then vote that night in their summer board meeting. August 9th is closing date. Whitt told the local district that with a healthy tax rate, which the district currently has, a healthy future can be maintained at  the current pace.

Kristin Monk reported on summer activities throughout the District including the YMCA program at the Sulphur Springs Elementary School. She told the board that 65 children are enrolled for a fee of $65 per week. This year the students will swim one day per week and go on a field trip one day each week.

The board set the 45 day contract release date for resignation notifications–July 7, 2016. They also approved an upgrade of security system at ECLC campus by Securadyne Systems, purchased a skid loader for the Maintenance Department from Holt CAT, and accepted a bid to repave the high school parking lot 5W Contracting. 5W Contracting was the only bid and it was lower than had been expected. The new parking lot will add 100 additional spaces for parking.

Personnel changes approved include:

Summer Contracts- due to mid-term hire date

David Hodges                                   Network Systems Engineer                          Admin Bldg

Pam Tomany                                    PPCD Teacher                                                ECLC

Paula Hass                                       Business/Marketing Teacher                        High School

Kaley Perry                                       Science Teacher                                               High School

David Westberry                               Math Teacher                                                  High School



Angela Beaver                                 Grade 4 Teacher                                              SS Elementary

Jana Keith                                         SpEd Resource Teacher                               SS Elementary

Lindsey Holt                                      6th Gr. ELAR Teacher                                  Middle School

Kathy Froneberger                          Nurse                                                                High School

Kristi Rozell                                       SpEd Teacher                                                 High School

Retirement-Lana Van Vleet          Government Teacher                                 High School


New Personnel

Kendra Daniel                                  Part-time V.I. Teacher                                     Special Services

Kodeann Crawford                          Grade 3 Teacher                                                 SS Elementary

Amanda Fowler                                Grade 3 Teacher                                                SS Elementary

Barbara Henderson                         Title I Aide                                                        SS Elementary

Laura Owens                                    Grade 3 Teacher                                                 SS Elementary

Cynthia Taylor                                  Grade 3 Teacher                                                SS Elementary

Sonya Mathews                               Grade 5 Teacher                                                 Douglas Intermediate

Janay Wood                                      Secretary                                                         Douglas Intermediate

Deann Dickens                                Math Teacher                                                  Middle School

Brandy Fisher                                   SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Macy Hurley                                      PE/Girls Coach                                               Middle School

Sue Ellen Hurley                            Science Teacher                                                 Middle School

Janlyn Therwanger                         ESL Aide                                                          Middle School

Mary Jenkins                                    Counselor                                                        High School


Personnel Changes                      New position/campus                                  Former position/campus

Cydney Williams                              V.I. Teacher/Special Services                       Part-time V.I. Teacher/Spec Serv

Misty Teer                                          Literacy Support/ECLC                                  Grade 1/Lamar

Catherine Gray                                 Grade 2 Teacher/Bowie                                 Grade 3 Teacher/SS Elementary

Colby Smith                                      English Teacher/Middle School                   Grade 3 Teacher/SS Elementary

Ross Hicks                                        SpEd Teacher & Coach/High School         PE & Coach/Middle School

Author: Staff Reporter

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