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Rifle, Jewelry Recovered; Hinson Confesses; Two Additional Suspects Sought

A trip to Emory Wednesday paid dividends as Hopkins County Criminal Investigator Dennis Findley recovered a Browning high powered rifle and scope, located additional rings, necklaces, charm pendants and heard the confession Kenneth Hinson to burglarizing a residence. He also garnered the names of two additional suspects in the case.

Items already recovered from the burglary in the Arbala area prior to yesterday included three items, a wedding ring, a tennis bracelet, and a Nikon camera, according to Investigator Dennis Findley. Now Findley will travel to Mineola Thursday, June 23rd to Ponderosa Pawn to recover the items located yesterday following Hinson’s confession. Findley said these items are not all that was stolen but are the more expensive items taken. Additional weapons were stolen along with knives and other jewelry.

Hinson, a female companion, Sara Nicole Barker, and two others had kept the residence under surveillance for a few days according to Hinson’s confession to Findley. Findley said the four had timed the trips of the family moving into the new house and observed items being moved. They chose a time to burglarize the residence when the residents were away for additional items to be moved.

Findley warns that in this day and time homeowners need to be aware of their surroundings. He said that if an auto is parked nearby and a person or persons are in the vehicle one should get a tag number and description of the vehicle, call the Sheriff’s office and report it. Deputies will check out the call. He said there may be a legitimate reason for the auto and people there but it may not be legitimate.  sheriff

Author: Staff Reporter

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