Penson Wins State Freeze-Off Championship

IceCream2016Henry Penson took home the Texas State Championship Homemade Ice Cream Freeze-Off title but none of the Homemade Pecan Pie ice cream he had entered in the contest. Over 60 entries vied for titles in the Texas State Championship Ice Cream Freeze-Off-2016 Saturday and hundreds of people were present to consume the result. The annual Hopkins County Chamber of Commerce event takes place on the Walter Helm Memorial Grounds at the Regional Civic Center every June during the Hopkins County Dairy Festival.

This year’s winners include:

Little Dip Plain:

First Place: Slayton McClendon, Creamy Vanilla;

Second Place Kysten Allen, Vanilla

Little Dip Fruit:

First Place: Addison Bowers, Banana;

Second Place: Kyleigh Allen, Blackberry


Little Dip Novelty:

First Place: Machelle Allen, Peanut Butter Nutty Bar;

Second Place Faith Watkins, Butterfinger;

Third Place: Hettie Thompson, Oreo Birthday Cake

Big Dip Plain:

First Place: Carlie Penson, Chocolate

Second Place: Tony Cotton, Vanilla

Third Place: Bill and Beverly Owens, Vanilla

Big Dip Fruit:

First Place: Linda Henton, Strawberry

Second Place: Wesley Patrick, Strawberry

Third Place Carlie Penson, Bananna

Big Dip Novelty:

First Place: The Smiley Tooth, Vanilla Pebbles

Second Place: Chris Allen, Inside Out Cookies and Cream

Third Place: Monte Wise, Reeses Peanut Butter

First Timers:

First Place: Mindy Bentley, Butterfinger

Second Place: Sharon Sink, Fruited Ice Cream

Third Place: Michael Robinson, Rocky Road

People’s Choice Award, voted on by those present at the contest: The Smiley Tooth, Vanilla Pebbles

Super Scoop Runner Up: Tony Cotton, Black Cherry Walnut

First Place Super Scoop and New Texas State Champion Homemade Ice Cream Freeze-Off: Henry Penson, Pecan Pie

Author: Staff Reporter

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