One Win, One Loss for Wildcats 7-on-7 Tuesday

multi purpose practice sshs ssisdThe Wildcats varsity 7 on 7 team looked really good and not so good at all during 7 on 7 play against Van Tuesday afternoon in the Multipurpose Building. The Wildcats were really clicking in their first game outscoring the Vandals, 35-13. Van turned things around in the second game winning handily, 37-6. Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young said the Wildcats scored five times in six chances in the first game. He said quarterback Ryan Humphries had command of the offense and spread the ball around. Coach Young said Simeon Taylor, Searn Rodgers, D.J. Hall, Lawrence Worth, Cor’Tavius Pruitt, Austin Dodd, Landry Tyson and Matt Reynolds all did a good job of catching passes in the first game. He said the tide turned in game two. Coach Young said the team might have relaxed and he added they were not as sharp and just a little bit off. Still he was pleased by all the reps throwing and catching for players.

Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron also commented on the defensive play against Van. Coach Abron noted in the first game the defense did an outstanding job of making it hard for the Vandals to move the ball. He said defenders were in the right places to cover the routes they saw. Coach Abron said the second game was the total opposite. He was reminded of his grandmother who would refer to someone as being too big for their britches. Coach Abron said defenders were doing some free lancing and some things that they shouldn’t be doing to play solid defense. He said the result was some easy scored for Van. Coach Abron called it a learning experience. The JV Wildcats won both of their games against the Van JV. The Wildcats will play in a state qualifier tournament on June 17 in Rowlett.

Author: Staff Reporter

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