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Hot Weather Travel Safety

Driving in hot weather can be challenging. Whether you are going on an extended vacation or just a day drive. There are many different ways to help prepare you and your car for hot weather driving.sun

To prevent your vehicle from overheating make sure to always check your fluid levels frequently and also make sure your tires are perfectly inflated. Most importantly for your safety make sure your air conditioner is working properly. If your temperature gauge does reach the red zone or an engine temperature warning light comes on, do not continue to drive. As soon as it can be safely accomplished, the driver needs to get the vehicle off the roadway, the further from traffic the better. If your vehicle does over heat, don’t attempt to remove the radiator cap, you will get burned. Extremely hot and pressurized coolant can spray out violently, potentially causing severe burns. Also, do not pour water over a hot radiator or engine sudden, extreme changes in temperature can also cause engine damage. Severe engine damage can result from overheating. When traveling long distances try traveling early in the morning or in the afternoon when its not so hot outside. Also NEVER leave children or pets unattended for any length of time in a car. A closed car can very well heat up to over 100 degrees in a short period of time. You may think that cracking a window helps keep your animal cool inside the car, but it doesn’t.

Prepare yourself and your family for hot weather conditions. Wear light clothing and natural fiber fabrics. If you are exposed to sun for a long period of time, be sure to cover up or wear sunscreen. Keep a cooler filled with cold drinks on hand to make sure that everyone remains hydrated. Use window shades to protect small children in the back seat. Children can be sensitive to extreme temperatures so take additional precautions to ensure there safety. Once again when leaving the vehicle never leave your child unattended, even if it only for a few moments.

Please take these tips to consideration, and keep you and your family safe.


Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern


Author: Staff Reporter

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