Hopkins County Road Closed Due to Erosion

Pipeline Road Cleared.

Hopkins Country Road 1170 is closed due to soil erosion around two tank car-culverts in the low area between County Road 1171 and Country Road 1181, according to Beth Wisenbaker, Commissioner Precinct 1.

This is not the first road closed due to the erosion issue. County Road 1445 was closed June 1st due to concerns that would endanger life safety. At that time, Wisenbaker said that county road serves a heavy traffic flow in her precinct. The road was closed due to a large tank car being underlined by flowing water due to flooding conditions being experienced this week. The tank car is a petroleum tank car that, like other road construction done in previous years, was used for a culvert. That roadway has been repaired and is reopened.

Author: Staff Reporter

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