Former Rains County Officer Suspect in Vehicle Theft

sheriffA truck taken from Fix ‘n Feed on June 1st has been recovered by Hopkins County Sheriff’s Investigators thanks to information provided through the Hunt County Sheriff’s office. In recovering the vehicle, a suspect has also been located. The suspect is a former Rains County Sheriff’s officer that currently resided in the Rains County Jail. The suspect in this case is also being charged with a number of vehicle thefts in Hunt County.

In following the trail of the pickup, Chief Criminal Investigator Lewis Tatum and Criminal Investigator Dennis Findley were contacted by Hunt County Investigator Kenneth Peters that he had obtained an affidavit from the girlfriend of the suspect in the case. The vehicle was located Sunday night around 8 p.m. in a heavy thicket 100 yards off of a main road in the Hot Cove area near Quinlan. The vehicle was stuck and could not be removed by the individual or individuals who stole it. Hunt County officers had run the VIN on the truck and found it to have been stolen in Sulphur Springs.

Currently the truck is being held at an area wrecker service impound to preserve for fingerprints. Local officers are in the process of getting a warrant for the arrest of the former Rains County officer that is the suspect. His name is not being released pending the warrant.

Author: Staff Reporter

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