Community Juneteenth Celebration

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Saturday, June 18th, at Pacific Park in Sulphur Springs the community will be celebrating Juneteenth. The celebration will begin at 10:30 am and conclude at sundown. Juneteenth was born June 19, 1863 when General Gordon Granger and troops arrived in Galveston, Tx with the delayed news that slaves had already been freed by the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln two and a half years earlier on January 1, 1863. June 19th was coined as Juneteenth and the celebration was on!

Sulphur Springs’s Juneteenth celebration was revived six years ago by several young men and women chaired by Prince Beachum. The 2016 Juneteenth festivities will “kickoff” this Saturday with a 10:30 am parade of floats, car, horses, wagons, cycles, performers, etc. throughout the Pacific Park community honoring Mrs. Guyeula Watson as the Parade Marshall. Mrs. Watson was a longtime educator in our community along with her husband Tommy Watson. Both were exemplary educators, church leaders, community leaders, examples of dignity, pride, and valor to Sulphur Springs and the surround communities. We They are also celebrating Mrs. Watson’s 90th birthday.

After the parade, they’ll have games, horse and cycles rides, bounce houses, watermelon and dance contests, history exchanges, fellowship, and the best grilled meats, BBQ, foods, dishes, desserts, refreshments ever prepared in East Texas! The Juneteenth Committee coordinates will be delivering plenty of food early Saturday as “meal deliveries” to their senior citizens and shut-ins who are unable to attend.

All are invited to join in the Juneteenth Celebration this Saturday, June 19th at Pacific Park as they celebrate American History!


History background and information submitted by Carolyn Thomas.

Author: Staff Reporter

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