Animals of the Week: Every Animal at the Shelter

by Steven Payne

Current Animal Shelter Facilities

Current Animal Shelter Facilities

As a result of having reached maximum capacity for both cats and dogs, the Sulphur Springs Animal Shelter has chosen to highlight every animal in the shelter in order to stimulate adoption rates and find homes for more animals. “We have limited space here, and we’re about to start using our outside kennels for holding, but we have to get shelters in them first,” Animal Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “We’re hoping not to do that because putting them out there is the only way we can clean the kennels .”

The Shelter is currently housing over 46 animals — 15 cats and 31 dogs — either in the Shelter, with foster volunteers, or at local veterinarian clinics such as Bright Star vet clinic. In order to help attract more people to adopt, the Shelter has lowered adoption rates to $30 for a dog and $10 for a cat. “If the outdoor kennels fill up, then, unfortunately, we’ll have to pick and choose,” Officer Blanch said.

The Sulphur Springs Police Department has announced that the Animal Shelter does not investigate or respond to any calls from county residents regarding stray or wild animals. No other shelters in the surrounding area are able to help relocate any animals inorder to free up space for additional animals. “We’ve actually had another shelter call us because they were packed, and they’re nearly five times bigger than we are,” Officer Blanch said.

The Shelter Offices continue to reach out to other shelters and rescues for help. One female dog and her pups are set to be relocated to a nearby rescue once they have passed their Stray Hold time limit. The Shelter will be at Tractor Supply this weekend from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for their off-site adoption event.

Author: Staff Reporter

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