Tesla Super Charge Station Open in Sulphur Springs

Tesla Charging Stations

Eight Tesla Charging Stations, shown here while under construction are now open in Sulphur Springs and serving Tesla Owners.

“The Tesla super charging station is live” states City Manager Marc Maxwell. A representative of Tesla was in Sulphur Springs Tuesday to finalize the station for owners of the battery powered auto. The Tesla station is located at the corner of Davis and Tomlinson Streets. Tesla pays for the charge for their owners.

The whole idea is that the people who buy these cars are people with disposable income and their visit to Sulphur Springs will profit merchants and restaurants downtown according to Maxwell. Maxwell rode in a $135,000 Tesla Tuesday. Lower priced Tesla’s will be on the market in the next few years according to the company.

The charging station in Sulphur Springs is the only station between Dallas and Hot Springs Arkansas. Tesla does have charging stations at hotels but those take overnight for charging.  This station is a supercharging station that will require 45 to 70 minutes for a re-charge.  

Author: Staff Reporter

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