Wildcats Spring Game Features Six Quarters

gerald prim stadiumFor those planning to attend the Wildcats first spring football game in over a decade Thursday evening at 6 p.m., Wildcats Football Coach Greg Owens told media members Wednesday what to expect. He said the coaching staff has seen a lot already this spring and has observed tons of improvement. Coach Owens described the game as a finale for spring football and a chance for players to show their parents what they have been doing and how they have been playing. He said parents and fans would be able to see a precursor of what’s coming this fall. Coach Owens said coaches have worked to have Blue and White teams that are balanced. Each team has about 45 players. Coach Owens said they want to create balanced match ups during the game.

They are planning on playing six quarters. Referees will be calling the game. The clock might run a lot of the time or coaches might choose to stop it on occasions. Like a scrimmage, there will be time for special teams for punts, field goals and extra points. Some players with minor injuries might not play or might only play a series or two. A late afternoon decision is expected concerning whether the game will be at Prim Stadium or in the Multipurpose Building.

Author: Staff Reporter

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