Wildcats Offense, Defense Gain Experience in 7 on 7


Matt Young, Wildcats Offensive Coordinator on 7 on 7 Offense

Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young says the greatest asset of 7 on 7 football is that lots of quarterbacks get to throw passes and lots of receivers get to catch them. The Wildcats hosted Gilmer for a 7 on 7 competition Tuesday in the Multipurpose Building. Two high school varsity teams and two eighth grade teams got to play two games each against talented Gilmer. Coach Young estimates 50 high school players and 40 middle schoolers participated. He says it was a great chance to see kids on a bigger stage for the first time and see how they react. The #1 Varsity team ended up losing two close games to Gilmer. Coach Young was pleased with the quarterback play of Ryan Humphries and Tyler Armstrong. Among receivers making impressions were Simeon Taylor, Tyrese Peters, Landry Tyson, D.J. Hall and Matt Reynolds. Coach Young says the team played with great emotion and scored lots of points. He says the #2 Varsity unit split their two games. Coach Young says they dominated in game two. #2 unit QB’s included DeCorian Young, Connor Nix and Wayne Hohenberger. He adds there was a long list of receivers making catches. The competition marked the end of competition for eighth graders. The two Wildcats’ varsity units and two seventh grade teams will travel to a Gilmer 7 on 7 tournament Saturday.


Triston Abron on 7 on 7 Defense

7 on 7 football is a game for offenses with rules stacked against defenses. Quarterbacks have four full seconds to throw with no pass rush. Defenders are greatly restricted from using their hands on receivers. Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron says 7 on 7 does give defensive players a chance to work on pass coverage and drops. Coach Abron says some teams utilize all defensive backs on their 7 on 7 defenses. Coach Abron says the Wildcats use not only cornerbacks and safeties but also linebackers. With rules against them, Coach Abron says he hopes defenders can just slow 7 on 7 offenses down. He adds if defenders can stop one drive in three, he’s pleased. Coach Abron names several players who stood out during the 7 on 7 games against Gilmer Tuesday. First and foremost he mentions Terrell Turman. Coach Abron says Turman did a good job at corner last year. He adds he has had a good off season and has looked good in spring football Coach Abron was also impressed with Trey Dial, a player he says has with no varsity experience but he adds you couldn’t tell it Tuesday night. He was also impressed with D.J. Abron, Colton Allen, DeQuarian Pitts and Landry Tyson.

Author: Staff Reporter

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