School Board Hears Reports, Seeks Grants; Auditorium Nears Completion



Salutatorian Sidney Dietze, daughter of Jason and Jill Dietze

The annual Dairy Festival Queen contest should be conducted in the auditorium at the Regional Civic Center. That’s the conditional assurance given by Don Roundtree to the Sulphur Springs school board Tuesday night during their regular May meeting. The board also heard a variety of reports and approved action items including applications for Head Start and Early Head Start grants for expansion and cost of living increases for staff. Graduating Class 2016 Valedictorian Kendall Wallace and Salutatorian Sidney Dietze were introduced to the board.  The board also unanimously chose KSST to serve as the official sports radio outlet for the district.  


Valedictorian Kendall Wallace, daughter of Mark and Michelle Wallace

Regarding the auditorium, Don Roundtree, consultant, stated that much of the outside work, sidewalks and parking, is in place. The acoustical wall panels, ramps and stairs, seating, stage manager’s rack dimming racks, stage air conditioning, and rooftop equipment access ladders are all in place. He said 70% of the theatrical lighting is installed, mechanical and electrical systems are being installed, and the floor should be finished by the end of the week. Curtains for the stage should be hung next week.

Head Start will seek an additional $22,469 cost of living (COLA) grant that will increase the permanent annual grant to $1.4 million. The COLA will increase staff salaries.

Early head start seeks to add 24 additional students utilizing two day care centers to house infants and toddlers and staff, according to Hillary Young, Director of Head Start and Early Head Start. SSISD will supply the staff but no district money will be spent. The infants and toddlers will be brought into the program to enable parents to begin receiving the benefits of growth in parenting skills and in involvement in educating their children. School staff and day care staff will receive training, playgrounds will be maintained, a janitor will be provided, and minimum liability will cover the children; all paid for by the grant. Sulphur Springs Christian School will have 16 infants and toddlers if the grant is approved and Little Texans Learning Center will have 8 infants and toddlers. When the children reach 3-years of age, their families must re-apply for head start. Seventy-five grants will be given nationwide. The program will run 11 to 12 months each year for the five years covered in the grant. Application will be made in July and the district will know if the grant has been awarded to the local district in February, 2017.

The board voted to request waivers for two student days to be turned into staff development days focused on math and science. The application to increase professional days will be made to the state.

Josh Williams, Assistant Superintendent, reported to the board that campus plans are now aligned with district plans following the four priorities set by the board.

An easement was also granted to the City of Sulphur Springs by the board. The city will be using grant funds to connect city sidewalk to the school sidewalk in front of the school.



Sherry McCarter                      LSSP Intern                             Dist-Wide

Randa Massey                        3rd Grade Teacher                   SS Elementary

Amanda Pennington               Library Aide                             High School


New Personnel

Sonia Yanez                            Title I Aide                               ECLC

Lesli Ray                                 Grade 1                                   Bowie Primary

Ruth Fernandez                      SpEd Aide                               Lamar Primary

Patricia Cooper                       Grade 3                                   SS Elementary

Brittany Cox                            Grade 3                                   SS Elementary

Ellie Denton                             Grade 4                                   SS Elementary

Jessica Gilbert                         Grade 4                                   SS Elementary

Chandra Maddox                    Grade 4                                   SS Elementary

Rachel Tubb                            Grade 4                                   SS Elementary

John Mark Francis                  English                                    Middle School

Hannah Garrett                       Science                                   High School

Lacie Stracener                       HSTE                                      High School

Meredith Townsend                Digital Learning Spec.             High School



Personnel Changes              New position/campus                       Former position/campus


Carmen Hammack                  Dist. Math Coordinator/Admin.            Math/Middle School

Jennifer Harrington                 Head Start 3/ECLC                             SpEd Aide/ECLC

Pam Tomany                           PPCD/ECLC                                       Grade 4/SS Elem

Chandra Crawford                   Academic Spec./Bowie                       Literacy Support/Bowie

Kim Slaughter                         Grade 2/Bowie                                    Grade 4/SS Elem

Amanda Thompson                 Grade 1/Bowie                                    Grade 4/SS Elem

Tye Boatman                           Elem. Counselor/Lamar                      Trans 1st /ECLC

Teresa Parker                         SpEd Aide/Lamar                                SpEd Aide/Middle School

Joanna Foster                         Academic Spec./Travis                       Literacy Support/ECLC

Maria Rivera                            Bilingual & SpED/SSES & Travis        Grade 1 Bilingual/Travis

Mackenzie Cross                    Instructional Tech. Spec/SSES           Grade3/SS Elementary

Shelby Gammill                       Grade 3/SSES                        Grade 5/Douglas

Sulema Martinez                     Grade 3 Bilingual/SSES                      Bilingual & ESL Aide/SSES

Kimberly Smith                        Grade 3/SS Elementary                      Grade 5/Douglas

Tim Thomas                            Science/Douglas                                 P.E./Douglas

Lance Brandenburgh              Spanish/High School                           HS Success/Middle School

Amber Nix                               Art/High School                                   Art/Middle School




Author: Staff Reporter

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