You haven’t been on a Cruise?? Why Not??

Many folks voted in our poll about whether or not they had been on a cruise.  In our informal results, about the same number of people responding had said they had not been on a cruise, as those who had been on a cruise.  My question is to those who haven’t been, is “What is holding you back?”.  I understand some folks are worried about the movement of the ship and getting seasick, but tremendous improvements have been made in the stabilization of the cruise liners no matter what their size.  Also, with advanced weather radar, most ships try to avoid the worst part of any storm that may be in their way.   We have been on many cruises over the years, and really have never experienced any severe adverse conditions.

The best thing about taking a cruise vacation has got to be the convenience of unpacking your bags once and having the ship go from location to location as you enjoy the sights and get back on the ship for the included dining and rest while the ship moves overnight to another port.  Certainly some people think that they do not get an in-depth experience by just spending the day in one port before moving to another, but now some ships are spending more time in port, even overnight so that the passengers can enjoy the nightlife.  A lot of travelers will take a cruise to a certain region just to try out some of the ports so they can plan to return sometime in the future for a longer vacation.

Either way, you approach it, a cruise can be a very economical way to experience a new region.  The first question you should ask yourself, is “where to go first?”   The easiest way to go would be to “find a good deal” and give it a shot, but that could lead to mixed results.  With so many cruise lines and so many ships going so many places, the choices can be overwhelming.  We are always looking for unique experiences and of course the best deals on those trips, so keep checking back to see what we find.  Or if you have any questions, feel free to email us: [email protected]

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Author: Chad Young

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