Kerry Garmon Scholarship Foundation Banquet

There was a full house at Saltillo ISD for the fifth annual Scholarship Banquet and Auction held in the Kerry W. Garmon Memorial Gymnasium on April 9, 2016. High school students assisted faculty members from set up and decorating the gym to bringing items to the auction block during the event. Saltillo alumnus Travis Mitchell served as auctioneer and helped bring in over $10,000 for the scholarship fund. Andy Wright and family of Birthright BBQ served the meal. Those speaking during the evening included Jack Arnwine, Jordan Lane, Vivian Monzingo and Supt. Kevin Wooley.  2015 scholarship recipients Eddie Jaime and Dakota Carroll also spoke, recalling their pleasure at being recipients of the college fund and the good friends and memories made at Saltillo ISD.

Kerry Garmon was teacher, coach, counselor, principal and superintendent during his career at Saltillo. He believed that growing up in a small town/small school with outstanding instruction was great preparation for students to further their educations at the college level. The Kerry W. Garmon Scholarship Foundation is 501C3 non-profit status tax exempt. In 2016, two deserving seniors at Saltillo High School will be awarded $2,000 scholarships to help them extend their education.


Author: Enola Gay

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