Hopkins County Man Charges Deputies To Take Their Weapons

ChapmanBilly Carl Chapman, 27, was arrested Sunday afternoon after an altercation with Hopkins County Sheriff’s Deputies. Chapman’s mother made a 911 call to report that her son was “tearing up the house.” When law enforcement arrived on the scene, Chapman verbally requested for the deputies to hand over their weapons. Chapman then charged the deputies and attempted to take their guns, wrapping his arms around one deputy. Cpl. Todd Evans then deployed a taser that struck Chapman in the chest and dropped him to the ground. Chapman was then placed in handcuffs and escorted to a patrol unit.

During questioning by deputies, Chapman’s mother stated that her son had been drinking and was in possession of a firearm, but she took the weapon from him before law enforcement arrived. Chapman was then transported to the Hopkins County Memorial Hospital to be checked where it was discovered that he had been admitted to the hospital in the past for a head injury. After being cleared at the ER, Chapman was transported to the Hopkins County Jail where he now sits on a $10,000 bond for Attempting to Take a Weapon From an Officer which is a state jail felony.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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