Hopkins County Historical Society Student Art Show Results

Best in Show Winners

Best in Show Winners

Hopkins County High School students are presenting their own pieces of work in an art show this Friday and Saturday, April 29 and 30 at Heritage Park in Sulphur Springs, TX. The art show is sponsored by the Hopkins County Historical Society. SSHS Art Teacher Dr. Phillip Dick made it a requirement for his advanced art students that they enter the art show for their class. “It’ll range from print making to paintings, ceramics, some really fine graphite drawings, mosaics, and three or four different sculptures,” Dr. Dick said.

Awards are given to students throughout the show based on category of artwork. “The reason that they host the show is because they want to give some recognition to the kids that have worked all year,” Dr. Dick said.  “They give awards in a number of categories, so when students created their entries, they had to enter according to ‘prints being judged among other prints’ and ‘paintings among other paintings’ and so on.”

The art show is free to the public from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday

The Student Art Show, sponsored by the Hopkins County Historical Society, was open to the public today, April 29.

In the Pen & Ink category, freshman Kayla Stidham won first, junior Kayci Nymeyer won second, and junior Hollie Stidham won third.

In the Pastel Chalk category, 7th grader Valerie Jenkins won first.

In Prints, senior Jerrica Passmore won first, and senior Whitney Davis won second and third with two entries.

In Scratch Art, junior Beatriz Olvera won first.

In Tempera, 7th grader Valerie Jenkins won first.

In Pencil, senior Caroline Burns won first, junior Emily Kuiper won second, and freshman Kayla Stidham won third.

In Paper Mache, Tommy Jolly won first, Victoria Wilburn won second, and Camey Cox won third.

In Plaster Sculpture, Raegan Sachs won first, Hunter Vargas won second, and Kira Stewart won third.

In Mixed Media (Marionette) Sculpture, Tommy Jolly won first, Joshua McElrain won second, and Hally Allen won third.

In Ceramics, Mary Bronon won first, and Gladys Cardena won second and third with two entries.

In Paper Mosaics, Peana Rosas won first and Eli Ham won second.

In Mosaics, Hannah Skaggs won first Alexis Howard won second and Tyler Harris won third.

In Acrylic, Caroline Burns won first, Dean Matthews won second, and Lauren Arneke won third.

In Water Color, Kaylynn Allen won first, Jaspyn Johnson won second, and Makaya Rich won third.

In Colored Pencil, Marbella Santivanet won first, Reed Hewiitt won second, and Lauren Arneke won third.

In Charcoal, Makaya Rich won first and Kassidy Branch won second.

In Photography, Kelsey Horton won first, Ryan Nance won second, and Hunter Tubb won third.

Author: Staff Reporter

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