Bankhead Highway 100th Anniversary

Bank Head Highway 100th

Bankhead Highway Centennial Celebration Members

Today, April 21, the Bankhead Highway Centennial Celebration stopped at Celebration Plaza to showcase their selection of classic automobiles and to interact with the people of Hopkins County. Roughly 50 to 60 cars from 1919 through 1933 were involved in the celebration. The showcase was part of a celebration for the 100th Anniversary of the Bankhead Highway. The Bankhead Highway Centennial Celebration left Texarkana, TX at 8 a.m. and will end in Odessa, TX Sunday night, a 620 mile long trip. Those involved in the celebration have stopped in multiple towns since departing and have even stopped at schools to allow the children to come out and view the cars. When not stopping, the cars took a scenic route through each town in order to showcase the cars and allow children to see the cars as they drove by.

The cars and their drivers were welcomed to Sulphur Springs by Mayor Kayla Price-Mitchell and City Councilman and local historian John Sellers. “It is great to know that we are part of such an important event as the commemoration of 100 years of the Bankhead Highway,” Councilman Sellers said. “It makes me reflect on how important this highway has been to the development of our city and our county, and how small business owners over the years from 1920 forward prospered and raised and fed their families based on traffic through the south on the Bankhead Highway. Also, how it brought the county and the city closer together and gave us a means of transportation to go see extended family and friends.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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