Animal of the Week: Jazz and Bella

Jazz and BellaJazz and Bella are two female cats that were surrendered by their owner who could no longer care for them. Jazz, the black cat, is three years old, and Bella, the Siamese cat, is six years old. “From what I understand, the daughter moved off and couldn’t take them so she left them with her mother who couldn’t have indoor cats,” Animal Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “She kept them in a rent house until she could bring them here.”

Both Jazz and Bella are incredibly sheltered cats, having spent the majority of their lives in one house. Since arriving at the Shelter, they have been nervous of others and frightened by their new surroundings. “Right now they’re just scared,” Officer Barbi said. “I’m sure they’d be a little more active in a more quiet setting, but the Shelter with all of the dogs barking and people coming and going, they’re just so scared.”

Both cats are spayed and only need to receive recent shots. Currently, the Animal Shelter has a special lowered adoption fee for both cats in order to keep them together. “We have a special going to try and keep them together to find them a nice home where they’ll come out of their shell,” Officer Barbi said. “It’s not that important that they stay together, but I think they’ll do better because they know each other. ”

Both cats have been at the Shelter for over a week, and during that time, Officer Blanch has worked with the cats to help them become more comfortable at the Shelter. “I try to spend some time with them and talk with them,” Officer Blanch said. “They’ll come up to the front of the cage, and Jazz has even come out of the cage when I was cleaning it, but she’s still scared of the other noises. Usually when their left alone they’ll eventually come out of their shell. A nice, quiet home would be my preference for them.”

Neither Jazz nor Bella will be at the off site adoption this Saturday, April 9 at Tractor Supply from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. due to their nervousness. The Shelter will be closed on Saturday, but anyone wishing to adopt Jazz and Bella can call Officer Barbi during the weekend. “They’re very sweet cats, and I think they just need a place where they can sit quietly,” Officer Blanch said. “They will not be at any off site, but if anybody wants to view the cats, especially on the weekends or after hours, I’ll be more than happy to meet them at the Shelter. My cell is (903) 348-1868, and I’ll be more than happy to show Bella and Jazz because I just want to find them a nice home and get them out of here.”

Meanwhile, construction on the outdoor kennels is almost complete. The last of the fencing and the overhead tarp are the last steps that need to be completed.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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