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Meth Dealer Shine Found Guilty of Three Counts of Organized Crime in Franklin County

Scott Everett Shine was found guilty of three counts of engaging in organized crime in the 8th Judicial District Court in Franklin County Wednesday afternoon. It was the third day of his trial. Shine faces 25 years to life as the punishment phase of the trial begins.  The District Attorney’s office said some call Shine Franklin County’s number one methamphetamine dealer.


According to the DA’s office, the third day of trial should end the guilt/innocence phase of the trial. Should Shine be found guilty, the sentencing phase would begin Thursday.

In January, 2016 pretrial, district court records show he faced two counts of manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance over 4-grams and under 200-grams, one count of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance under 4-grams, and three counts of engaging in organized crime. The range of activity stretched from November 2014 to December 2015.

This is not his first encounter with law enforcement. Shine filed suit against Franklin County deputy Chris Mars that went before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit with a verdict returned in February 2012. Shine’s suit against Mars was for wrongful arrest. Shine had been arrested twice, September 4 and October 28, 2008 for selling drugs. The suit was dismissed when the court found that Mars had obtained a warrant from a judicial officer after the plaintiff had been indicted by a grand jury.

Author: Staff Reporter

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