Great Fun at Pilot’s Spring Brunch!

The Pilot Club of Sulphur Springs hosted about 200 ladies at their annual Spring Brunch on Saturday March 28 in the League Street Church of Christ Friendship Room. There was a delightful spread of foods prepared by Pilot Club members, two generously-sized auction  fundraisers, numerous door prizes, and a lot of laughter! The annual event is a time for ladies of all ages to gather, meet new friends and enjoy an inspirational, motivational program while assisting the Pilot Club to fund the many projects they do through the year.

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Professional entertainment was provided by Miss Alice Ann Hostetter, neice of member Marilyn Holt. Alice Ann is a sophomore at North Texas University studying vocal performance, specifically opera! She graciously shared her talent  and energy with the audience. Marilyn served kitchen duty too, along with Jane Goldsmith, Joyce Burchfield, Sarah Halter, Connie Newcomb and other members who enjoy cooking for a crowd. Beverly  Owens, Club President welcomed everyone and Sallee Peirce asked the blessing on the gathering.
Door Prize winners Linda Wilson Dorsett, Janie Chapman and Julie Walker
                Youngest guest Marissa Looney, Pat Looney, Jan Massey, Joy Wilson and Hillis Bass
Tammy Whitehurst is a speaker, writer, and author from Longview, Texas. She speaks at women’s gatherings all over the country, but especially loves talking to “Southern women” because that’s who she is, too! With an abundance of humor, she relates directly to the kinds of challenges most women are facing with their jobs, husbands, children, parents and aging issues! She stands for “doing the right thing” as a Christian even when we might not want to, because “once your children needed a Mama, now they need an example!” She says “don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe your brow and keep going” and “give in and give up OR, give it all you’ve got” also, “instead of those who have done us wrong, let’s try to get even with those who have done us right”!  Addressing age and health issues, she says “hold a torch instead of a cane, and let’s get back to work”.. As for living a joyful Christian life ALL our lives, she admonishes “let’s don’t age gracefully…let’s age boldy, and courageously, sliding in to ‘home’ with a strong finish!”. Find Tammy Whitehurst’s “Joy for the Journey” Ministries on Facebook and [email protected]
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                    Tammy meets Hazel Rawlinson, Betty Jones                                                                                                                                            Tammy is a HOOT! “If you can’t hide it, decorate it!”
                                                                    Patty Vaculik sings along
                   These ladies say “We’re so glad we came!”

Author: Enola Gay

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