Dixon Jury Views Videos of CPS Forensic Interview

DixonIn what Assistant District Attorney Clay Harrison called a bit unusual, an agreement between the prosecution and the defense was reached to play the video of the Child Protective Services Forensic interview with the children who made an outcry that led to the arrest, indictment, and now trial of Hunter James Dixon in Eight Judicial District Court Tuesday. Most of the day was spent with the jury viewing the video and the questioning of the CPS expert. Before the afternoon ended, Harrison expected to conclude the prosecution’s case by calling members of law enforcement for testimony as well. It is expected that testimony in the case will end Wednesday.


Monday afternoon, Harrison had called as witnesses those whom he called key relationships to Dixon that were involved in the case. Harrison had diagrammed for the jury the relationships of Dixon to his sister, his parents, to the father of the children who made the outcry, and others.


Harrison is following his step by step plan described Monday in opening arguments to the jury. He said that witnesses for the prosecution would include social workers, law enforcement officers. Law enforcement officers testified that Dixon made a confession that was not coerced. The confession made in May, 2015 followed an approximate 45 minute interrogation when Dixon also provided information that was not requested by interrogators.


Defense Attorney Frank Long is expected to call his first witness Wednesday morning.

Author: Staff Reporter

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